Mahanama College Media Unit

Mahanama College Media Unit is one of the leading and pioneering school media units in Sri Lanka. The Media Unit of Mahanama College was started in 1987 and, this is one of Sri Lanka’s oldest school media unit which has more than 33 years of history and experience.
November 02nd 1987, Monday is a usual school day, and at this time, the young Mahanama College has started finding new things. From that Mahanama College identified that the school media field is a very important thing as a school. Therefore, on November 02nd 1987, Monday, Mahanama College Colombo 03 has decided to enter the school media field as a very young school in Sri Lanka challenging the school media pioneers in that period with the intention of creating a great media art. In a short time, the media unit of Mahanama College has handed over lots of media giants to the nation.
Nowadays, The Media Unit of Mahanama College has recognized as the most active society in Mahanama College being a must needed society for every single event in Mahanama College. We are now fulfilled with, bilingual announcing, photography, videography, photo editing, video editing, graphic designing, audio recording, sound management, broadcasting and web development team.



Founded year: 1987
Founded by: Mr. A.K.D. Dimal Dasanga Arandara


First school radio to transmit through short wave amateur radio technology.
First school television to transmit a live big match one day encounter on Facebook Live
Sri Lanka’s first school media website to awarded in Sri Lanka’s only web
designing competition in the year 2020.

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Mr. A.M.A.A.C.Perera
Principal - Mahanama College Colombo 03
Mrs. H.U Hemanthi
Teacher in Charge
Yashara Induwara
Rushitha Pulasthi
Ninura Lokitha
Disal Sasindula
Vice Presdent
Gayum Sathsarana
Vice Secratary
Yesitha Fernando
Vice Treasurer
Susitha Ayodya
Main Organizer
Methsara Perera
Chief Technical Officer
Yomal Malitha
Main Coordinator
Manuka Sankalpana
Main Coordinator
Teshan Sanjula
Main Coordinator
Ganishka Sandeep
Technical Officer
Dileep Dhanushka
Technical Officer
Nethum Uduwana
Nethsara Dhanuja
Seniya Weerasekara

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