Mahanama College is one of the prime institutions in producing pioneers in the multimedia industry. With a renowned history of more than 30 years, the Photographic Arts Society of Mahanama College is proud to present the Inaugural Inter-School Photographic Competition, CHAYAMANA ’21. Our mission is to generate opportunities as well as help gather experiences alongside the guidance of our pioneer judge panel for blooming photographers in the school societies.

“CHAYAMANA 2021” the inter-school photography competition will be mainly held under 3 main sessions. Such as a quiz competition as the 1st session, a photography competition as the 2nd session (participants should submit the photographs taken to us according to the categories we have provided), and a workshop conducted by well-known personalities in the photography field of our country as the third final session. The results of the competitors will be announced accordingly after the competitions are held. Final results will be announced on the “CHAYAMANA 2021” Photography Day of Mahanama College. There will not be any age restrictions in this category but all participants should be school students

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